About Me

Welcome to Photos on the Run!  People get into photography for various reasons, but strangely enough my reason was running half marathons organized by Brazen Racing.  I would take pictures of the course with my smartphone, and then started taking pictures of my fellow runners.  Not satisfied with the quality of smartphone cameras, I upgraded to a DSLR.  And can you believe it?  More often than not I take my Fuji camera with me when I go for a run!

I created this site primarily to showcase some of my work and to talk about all things photography.  While photography is primarily a hobby, I do accept photography gigs (portraits, post-wedding photos, musician/band photos, fitness photography, product photography), but I'm very selective about those.

Memories.  There's nothing I enjoy more than capturing a moment and creating memories, whether it be a gathering of family and friends, a recital or concert, or even a race.  I strive to preserve that moment in time: the joy of a wedding day, the focused look of a musician deep in their performance, or the agony and ecstasy of a runner crossing the finish line.

About Me.  Everyone calls me by my nickname "Jay". My first camera was a Canon 70D, and it didn't take too long for me to upgrade to the awesome Fuji X-T1 and then the X-T2, which is my favorite camera for portraits.  The San Francisco Bay Area is my home because I was born and raised here, but Vancouver, B.C. is my home away from home.

Flicker Albums: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jmijares-sf/albums

Instagram:  @jmijaresphotography