The Dark Woods by Lantern Light with Honey Baby88

When Honey Baby88 asked if I was interested in another shoot, I was definitely interested, but didn't have any ideas.  Thankfully, she did and we had another fun time.  We shot three different looks in the course of the day and I'll spend one blog posting on each look because each one had different and sometimes humorous challenges.

For this first look, Honey basically said she wanted to shot with a lantern, and that immediately sparked some ideas in my brain.  I thought of Stern Grove again because the shots we did together in the deep "forest" a few months ago didn't turn out the way I had wanted.  This would be an excellent opportunity to get better shots.

Honey worked on getting her costume and I worked on procuring a lantern and set about trying to figure out how to achieve the shot.  I had no idea what she planned to wear, but figured that it might be a "darker" version of our Red Riding Hood shoot.

Nailed it on the first shot!

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/2.8   1/250sec

Looking closely, you can see how this shot was achieved.  I had one Yongnuo speedlight above and to the left , aimed down at Honey.  I had a second Yongnuo on a tripod behind her to give her a hair light and separation from the background.  Finally, I had my small Nissin i40FJ speedlight actually inside the lantern wrapped in a colored gel to simulate candlelight.  The Nissin was set to slave mode and would fire when the Yongnuos went off.  The Yongnuos were fired via remote on my camera.  I stopped down the aperture to darken the background and took the temperature up just a little bit to restore Honey's skin tone.  The light in the trees in the background is actually sunlight, but because it's so dim and dark, it adds to the ominous feeling.

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/2.5   1/250sec

Is the above the typical horror movie scenario?  Where the heroine looks over a deep precipice and something jumps out?

Honey is actually looking down on a very shallow pond -- completely dry when we shot there -- and I took the exposure down in Lightroom, to hide some of the texture of the pond and stream, thus making it look deeper than it actually is.  This was only a two light setup this time around, with the main key light shining down from the upper right, plus the speedlight in the lantern itself.  No separation light was used.

This next shot is my favorite of the Lantern shoot.

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/2.8   1/250sec

We again used the three light setup, this time adding the hair light.  And this time around, I actually did do a little Photoshop work on the lantern itself, filling it with a much more orange and uniform glow, in order to hide the speedlight.  Plus I used Lightroom to increase the temperature just a little bit.

The mood in the above photo is much more mysterious, much gloomier because of the look on Honey's face.  Much like the second photo where she's looking for something, this time she hears something and isn't sure what it is.

Next week, we'll trade in the darker mood for something lighter!

Gear used:  Fuji X-T2 and 56mm f/1.2 lens, plus two Yongnuo 560 speed lights, one Yongnuo remote trigger, and a Nissin i40FJ flash.