A Stroll Through Fredericksburg, VA

Okay, so not exactly a stroll ... it was a run through downtown Fredericksburg.  I left the X-T2 behind during this mid-November run and took along my iPhone SE.

Below you can see the route I took, courtesy of Suunto Movescount.  I've actually been using the Suunto Ambit3 Peak for over two years now and it's still going strong.  Battery life is still good and I've had no problems with the heart rate strap or any of the other functions.

For this run, I decided to follow the Rappahannock Canal Path, which is a popular 5k route in downtown Fredericksburg.  Although as you can tell, I did detour off the path and decided to explore the old historic downtown area of Fredericksburg along the way.

First Christian Church was the first sight I saw as I started my run along the canal.  It stood there majestic-looking in the afternoon sun.

A cemetery at St. George's Episcopal Church, on the edge of downtown Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg City Hall, just a few short blocks away.

Fredericksburg Train Station.  A lot of folks take the train from this spot and commute all the way into the Beltway, then transfer onto the DC Metro and commute into Washington DC itself! It's a long haul every day!

Now on the main street in downtown Fredericksburg, Caroline St.  Taken right outside the Fredericksburg Visitors Center, carriage rides are offered by Olde Towne Carriages.  After I took this shot, I really felt as if I'd been transported back to the late 1800s in Fredericksburg.  You start to notice the old cobblestone sidewalks and the brick facade buildings.

Leaving downtown Fredericksburg, I ran across this quaint little tavern.  It's actually a historic building constructed in the late 1700s by George Washington's brother.

I wasn't sure what this was at first.  I shot the picture across an empty lot and assumed that it might have been an estate located in the downtown area.  It certainly looks like one.  But closer inspection indicates that it's a private residence.  And behind it is the Rappahannock River.  Looks pretty awesome though. 

A sculpture, titled "Garden Harmony", by Chocowinity, NC artist Cathy Perry greets runners, hikers, walkers, and cyclists along the Rappahannock Canal Trail.

A view of the Rappahannock River.

Of course, I needed a photo of myself on the Rappahannock Canal Trail and there was a nice couple who happened to be strolling along the trail.  They took my photo.  I didn't see the dog that left the wet paw print pattern on trail, but it adds a nice touch to the entire scene.  A big shout out to "Rover", wherever you are!

Enjoying the autumn colors before the snows come.  It's shaping up to be a cold winter!

Fredericksburg is such a beautiful, historical place.  There's lots of history to be experienced here, especially if you have an interest in Civil War battlefields.

Gear used:  iPhone SE and Lightroom Mobile App