Holiday Music with the Jeffrey Chin Trio

It's the last Cadillac Hotel concert for 2016, and what better way to spend it that with the Jeffrey Chin Trio playing holiday tunes!

And who doesn't like the songs of the holiday season?

ISO 800   16mm lens   f/1.4   1/125sec

Even though it was one of the last shots that I took during the concert, I decided to use the above photo to open the story.  I liked how the mailboxes formed leading lines, directing our eyes towards the band.

For the next photo, I wanted to show that it was a holiday theme, but without showing the Christmas tree.  Instead I wanted to show that it was Christmas through the traditional Christmas lights themselves.  And to add to the balance of the photo, I decide to photograph Jeffrey Chin though a set of Christmas lights, so that there's both foreground and background interest.

ISO 800   90mm lens   f/2.0   1/25sec

The lighting in the next shot totally blew me away.  The lobby was lit with the usual video lights, so it was a two light setup, but not much diffusion, hence the harsh lighting.  But for this shot, the harsh lighting provided a nice contrast and balance to the photo.  I like how the lighting brings out the drummer's facial features, especially his cheekbones.  It adds a lot of definition to his face.  And to enhance the contrast, I converted it to black and white.

ISO 800   90mm lens   f/2.0   1/25sec

Here's the vocalist for the concert.  He had a smooth and powerful voice that drew huge applauds from the crowd.  This shot was actually darker, but I took up the exposure and warmed up the image a little bit to reflect the warm, inviting, and happy mood that the music put everyone in.

ISO 800   90mm lens   f/2.0   1/25sec

This is my favorite shot of the day.  There's just something powerful about how the bass player looks like he's at one with his instrument.  I went with the black and white conversion because I felt that it conveyed that sense of oneness with the instrument, whereas in color, the image might have been a bit noisy.

ISO 800   90mm lens   f/2.0   1/25sec

And, of course, the final shot is of the audience having a great time!

ISO 800   90mm lens   f/2.0   1/25sec

If you want to book the Jeffrey Chin Trio for a gig, have a look at their website.

More photos from the concert can be found in this Flickr Album.

Gear used:  Fuji X-T1 with 90mm f/2 and 16mm f/1.4 lenses.