30 Photos A Day: How many do you take?

30 Photos a day, that's my goal.  Writers write.  Actors act.  Accountants are constantly working with numbers.  Working musicians practice consistently. As photographers, we constantly have to take pictures.  I strive for an average of 30 photos a day ... of anything.

Why do I aim for an average of 30 per day?  It seems to be the number that my photos have averaged out to over time.  Some days I won’t get any at all and some days up to a 100.  And when I’m photographing a race, it could be anywhere from 500 to 2000.  So it all averages out to 30 per day.  The point is ... take pictures, learn how to compose, play with your camera settings in manual. Practice, practice, practice.

Photography is a perishable skill.  We need to keep at it lest we lose it.  As a runner, if I go more than ten days without running, then I know my aerobic endurance will start to degrade.  My muscles will need one or two runs to remember what it's like to stretch and strain.  My feet will have to re-learn the forefoot-midfoot-heel landing pattern again.  And my lungs will be laboring to suck in the oxygen that mixes with the rest of the body's fuel to power not just the legs, but the senses and the brain as well.

It’s the same with photography.




My Fuji X-T1 with the 56mm f/1.2 attached.  The 56mm is my favorite lens for portraits.