Perhaps it's appropriate for the first blog post on this site to coincide with another first.  On 27 February 2016, Brazen Racing held its inaugural Victory Race starting at the Craneway Pavilion, near the Port of Richmond, CA.  And, of course, I was there, camera in hand and at times slung on my back, to capture much of the fun.

Only a madman such as myself would even consider running a half marathon with a mirrorless DSLR and taking pictures at the same time! (Photo courtesy of one of Brazen Racing's many volunteer photographers.)

The course is basically an out and back one that follows the Bay Trail.  The views are spectacular!  I'm not a fast runner by any means, but if I reckon if I was fast I wouldn't be able to enjoy these lovely views. 

Taken from the Barbara and Jay Vincent Park, near the Richmond Marina.  Looking to the west, towards the Marina Bay Yacht Harbor.

Working our way back to the start/finish area.  We're treated to stunning views like this!