The Mud Run at Brazen Racing's Badger Cove

Brazen Racing held their Badger Cove race yesterday.  The past two years when I ran this course, it was hot and humid because of the lake.  Dust was everywhere on the trails and in the final mile or so the heat was just beating down on us.

Not yesterday!

I've never done a mud run before.  And most mud runs are aren't that long.  The Tough Mudders are 10-12 miles.  The Badger Cove Half Marathon course came out to be 13.62 miles on my Sunnto Ambit3.  Because of the mud and the stout winds at the top of the ridge, I probably walked 1/3rd of the course.

You can see how my heart rate steadily increased throughout the course, from green to yellow/orange.  Thankfully, my heart rate never redlined, but then again it wasn't possible given the muddy conditions of the course.

With a view like this, it's normally easy for someone to just relax and enjoy the scenery.  If you're not running, that is.

Lake Del Valle in Livermore, CA.  No amount of gray clouds can dull beautiful greens of the landscape.

And here's where the fun began.  It was probably a 0.25 mile / 0.4km stretch that we had to climb up.  And since this part of the course was also an out-and-back, imagine what it was like going down this stretch.

No one fell on this portion, at least not while I was on it.

If cows could laugh, I'm sure this one would have been laughing all day at us humans slogging through the mud.

And, of course, Brazen Racing's volunteer photographers brave the mud to hike out and double as course monitors.  This one was taken of me probably nearing mile 12.