A Run Before the Sunrise

Most runners I know are morning people.  I have yet to find someone who runs regularly and enjoys it who isn't bothered by getting up early in the morning.  Most of those morning folks can be found running just after the sun rises, but for the few that head out even before then, there are some neat sights to see.

I've been trying to snap a picture of this lamp for a while, ever since I saw it during a pre-dawn run a few months ago.  But back then I couldn't figure out a way to run with my Fuji X-T1, and then I also didn't have a suitable lens that could take the abuse of running.  Once I figure out the carrying part and also got a good lens, it took several more weekends to actually get a good shot of this streetlamp.

The thick fog helped out a lot when I snapped this photo because it added definition to the beam of light.

35mm f/2, ISO 6400, shutter 1/30th.  Cropped only, with no enhancements.

Still trying to figure out what that single shaft of shadow is in the center of the light beam.  Mysterious, eh?  It might be just a support bracket for the lamp's housing.  Since I was running at the time, and stopped long enough to snap the photo and do a quick view on the LCD, I didn't notice it until I reviewed the image on my computer.  I'll have to check it out next time I run by this area.

And if you run as slow as I do -- I do my long slow distances on the weekends after all -- the fog will eventually pull back like a mystical tarp, revealing neat treasures underneath.

35mm f/2, ISO 1600, shutter 1/15th.  Exposure increased by 3.25 stops.  Some of the pinpoints of light look elongated because my shutter speed was too slow.

I'm a big fan of reflections.  There's just something about being able to see that second image in some water, or glass, or even a smooth shiny surface.  Here, the sun is teasing us a bit with just a fraction of its light, just enough to show how still the lake waters are.

The city tends to sleep in on weekends, while the early morning runner gets to enjoy treats like these.