Ike at the Legion of Honor

It's funny how you're acquainted with someone, and then as you talk with them more you realize that there's something amazing about them.  (Isn't that true about all people when you get to know them?)  I never knew that Ike was a singer and had been for many years.  When he found out that I was a photographer, we set a day and time to meet up and take some pictures for his CD single, "Caliente Amor"

We decided to shoot at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.  It was a very foggy morning when we met there, which meant no harsh lighting and shadows.  Even better was that the fog deck was higher up, so there was no actual fog at the surface, which meant we were able to achieve nice shots like the one below.

56mm lens at ISO 200.  F/5.6  Shutter 1/170  Plus a quick burst from a speed light, handheld to the left of the frame. 

What would any shot in San Francisco be without the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background?

56mm lens   ISO 400   F/1.8   Shutter 1/1250

Ike showing his winning smile.  This was just one of those light, impromptu moments in-between shots.  We constantly had people walking past us and into the shot, and at one point a couple passed by us and stopped to ask Ike some questions. They thought Ike was a model, at which point he told them that he's a singer.  They talked for a bit about different clubs where he might have sang at and where they might have seen him.

56mm lens   ISO 200  F/1.2   Shutter  1/2000

Going for a little perspective here.  I'm a big fan of textures, especially in the background.  And the lines of the background seem to add to the ambiance of the overall shot.  Plus the soft, fog-filtered sunlight from both the left and right of the photo provide enough light while also leaving a little bit of shadow, which gives some definition to his face, neck, and arms.

56mm lens   ISO 400  F/1.2   Shutter 1/2900

This is Ike's GQ look.  The shadows play a nice role here in adding definition to Ike's face, giving his facial features a nice texture which goes well with the soft textures of the background.

I'm thankful that it was a foggy day for our shoot.  If the sun had come out, as it did an hour or two after we left the Legion of Honor, the lighting would have been extremely harsh and my shutter speeds would have exceeded the Fuji X-T1's mechanical shutter top speed of 1/4000 of a second.  That would have meant using an ND filter.  I did have my ND filters with me, but preferred not to use them, especially when I need the tack sharpness that's demanded of portraiture.

I only used two lenses for this shoot.  The Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2, which is my favorite portrait lens and offers an 85mm equivalent field of view on the X-T1's APS-C sensor; and the Fujinon XF 23mm f/1.4, which has the 35mm field of view.  I shot mostly wide open for all of the photos except the one with Ike and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Here's the CD album itself, still in shrink wrap...

Looking good, Ike!

Be sure to check out Ike's CD single, "Caliente Amor".  A keep an ear out on the radio this summer because the song will be making its rounds on a local station or two around that time.