San Francisco Bay Trail at SFO

A journey always has to begin somewhere...

The San Francisco Bay Trail, a network of trails (planned or completed) that will eventually form a 300+ mile system that will ring the shoreline of the San Francisco Bay.  I've run this part before, which starts in Burlingame, CA.

This portion of the trail will basically take you to the San Mateo Bridge in the distance, though not all of it will be along the shoreline.  You'll have to meander through a few industrial areas where there are sidewalks.  From this point to the San Mateo Bridge and back is about 17 miles.

One of the best things though about this portion of the trail isn't the bay or the wildlife that lives along the shore, it's the big birds!

The trail offers stunning views of San Francisco International Airport and it's active runways:  28L and 28R (used mostly for landing), and 19L and 19R (used mostly for takeoff).

But on the day I took these photos, there were really strong gusting winds from the west, so Runways 28L and 28R were used for both takeoff and landing.

Yes, that's a United Airlines 747 taking off on Runway 28R while an Air China 747 comes in for a landing on 28L!  I've never seen a sight like this before.  The UA flight had a bit of a headstart down the runway and the AC flight never actually passed it.

This is a great place to go for a run or to just grab a cup of coffee from the SFO Marriot nearby and sit and watch the planes takeoff and land.

Parking is scarce though.  There are only about a dozen free parking spaces with a two hour limit in the small parking lot.  The larger parking lot is owned by the SFO Marriott so if you can't find a free space, you may have to pay for a spot at the hotel.

All photos taken with the Fuji X-T1 and 18-135mm lens.  Aperture, shutter, and ISO were set to Auto.