Whistler and Shannon Falls

Whistler, B.C.  Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Nestled in the mountains about 1.5 hours north of Vancouver, B.C., it looks like a Swiss alpine village.  In fact, one of my uncles once said that Whistler looked more like Switzerland than the actual Switzerland that he visited.

The Olympic rings aren't to be found in the heart of the Olympic village itself, but in a spot where most of the visitors will encounter them as they emerge from the various parking lots in the area.  Obviously one of the most photographed things here in Whistler, I managed to snap these photos about 10am in the morning.

More like Switzerland than Switzerland itself?  I've never been to Switzerland, so I couldn't say.  And yet gazing upon the sight below, I can't help but feel transported to what my mind's eye can picture as Switzerland, based on things I've read and pictures I've seen.

Although, I have to admit that I was most impressed by the McDonald's in Whistler.  Where else in the world can you find a McDonald's with a view like this?

And this is what it looks like when you stare out their front windows.

I gotta hand it to the staff at this particular McDonald's.  They were still baking the muffins, but took our order and hand-delivered the muffins to our table about 20 minutes later.  This particular McD's is open 24/7.  It's a bit of a tradition for my Canadian relatives to have a nice causal breakfast at McDonald's, and while we'll rarely travel this far for coffee and muffins, this was worth the trip.

Heading back south to Vancouver, we're treated to such stunning scenery!  Below is a shot taken in Squamish, B.C., at a point just south of the little city.  The mountains present a powerful backdrop over the waters.

And just south of the above point is Shannon Falls, the third highest waterfall in B.C.  The waters are really cold since the source is fresh snow melt.  In fact, the water is fresh and people drink from it often.  I did, and it tasted better than anything that would have come out of a bottle.

Since I'm a sucker for silky smooth water photos, I decided to snag a couple of pics.  I didn't have my tripod so for the above photo I braced my camera in the crook of a tree.  For the below photo, I set the camera on a rock and hoped for the best.

Gear used:  Fuji X-T1 and 16-55mm f/2.8 lens.  I didn't have my ND filters with me, so for the waterfall shots, the ISO was set to 200 and aperture at f/22.