A Siren of the Silver Screen

Over the next few weeks I'll be blogging about some photos I took at a workshop hosted by Marebeth Gromer, who manages a Meetup Group I'm a part of.  Most recently, Marebeth organized a one day "Blast from the Past" workshop at Sonoma Valley Airport, which had five themes.  Each theme had a set instructor who coached us on both indoor and outdoor light.  Outdoor lighting is something familiar to me, especially the natural light.  Indoor lighting is really alien to me, so I really wanted to learn how to do that.

First up is a photo from the Hollywood Glamour set and our instructor was Rudy D. Vila, and the model was Sarah.

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/5.6   1/250sec

Rudy had a three light setup.  The main light was high and off to the left.  There was another to the right with a snoot which would illuminate the backside of her head, and one final light again to the left, but further back to create a sort of backlight on the far side of her face.

The first thing I had to learn at this particular set was that I couldn't shoot wide open like I was normally used to.  Because of the way lights behave, the aperture size would determine the brightness of the scene.  So Rudy recommended f/5.6.   The X-T2's shutter sync speed is 1/250sec so I kept it right at that.  Base ISO for the X-T2 is 200.

Once Sarah was position the way I wanted her, I started shooting.  Of note in the above, I asked her to take her high heels off.  I learned from studying the work of Damien Lovegrove, that bare feet for women makes the overall image a bit softer.  And Sarah was happy to ditch the uncomfortable heels.

I also wanted to have her face totally lit up.  Initially her head was to the left and that kind of kept her face in darkness while lighting up her legs, but from what I remembered from looking at some old Hollywood photos, the face is completely lit up while leaving the rest of the body is diminished light.

Everything just came together for the above shot!