Pinup Girls

There are times when we’re totally outside our comfort zone that we almost don’t know how to function.  This particular part of the Blast From The Past photo shoot was definitely mine.  I’d never even tried to photograph pinup models before.  I’d previously photographed a model at the beach in a bathing suit, but trying to do something in an indoor lighted set really stretched me a bit thin. 

In order to get that pinup 1950s feel, instructor Jim Feldman set up a yellow background which he then lit with a light in the upper right of the shot.  Now, perhaps it was my Fuji X-T2 set at the Pro-Neg Standard film simulation, but try as I might, I couldn’t get the yellow color of the background to appear properly, at least in the live view of my camera. 

That aside, here’s what the finished shot looked like after some manipulation in Lightroom. 

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/8   1/60sec

As you can see from my camera settings, I used the base ISO, shot with a smaller aperture and kept the shutter speed at 1/60 sec.  The results weren’t reallly what I expected, at least in camera.  In order to achieve that pinup look, I had to take the temperature up in Lightroom and that at least got it to the point that closely resembled the look I was looking for.  Increasing the temperature more would have resulted in unnaturally yellow skin tones for the models. 

Overall, I think it worked!  Jim really did a good job setting up the shot for us, and models automatically launched into their poses.  All I really had to do was shoot!