The Vintage Travelers

Next up is a set called the Vintage Traveler, basically a 1940s theme.  The styling was once again the idea of Marebeth Gromer and the lighting design for this theme was set up by Dirk Dreyer of Dreyer Pictures.  I’d met Dirk about two years ago at my first Meetup group session, which was also organized by Marebeth.

Our models this time around were Sophia, who I’d worked with before, and Miguel. 

The lighting set up by Dirk was a little complicated, but it needed to be because not only did we have to photograph our models, but also the plane itself.  It was a three light setup and Dirk took the time to explain the purpose of each light.  First off though, here’s the final image:

ISO 200   23mm lens    f/9   1/250sec

Dirk recommended f/7-ish for the shot, but it seemed that my camera liked f/9. 

The first light was located directly to the left.  It’s primary purpose was to provide lighting for the entire scene.  The second light was directly to the right, and served as a fill light because both of our models needed to be completely lit without any shadows.  The final light was located directly to the right, but a little further back, and its sole purpose was to light up the plane itself.  This was the first time I’d ever used that type of lighting.  I really learned a lot from this one! 

Side note: the dress that Sophia is wearing was made by her grandmother circa 1946!