Of Fog and Angels

I took this shot yesterday on Angel Island while awaiting the ferry to take me back to the mainland.  A mysterious smoke or fog.  Not a fire, but something else.

Thankfully not a fire or something out of Stephen King's nightmares; it was the Blue Angels!  Here they are doing coordinated loops over the SF Bay.

I was taking REI's Oru Kayaking class on Angel Island and before our ferry arrived, the Blue Angels buzzed the island on their way to their airshow over San Francisco for Fleet Week.

The above image shows just how low they were and how the smoke trail could have possibly settled down onto the island.

Since I was taking a class and out on the water, I had to travel light, so all I had was my Fuji X-T2 and 35mm f/2 compact prime lens.  This thing is sharp!  Have a look at the regular image, and below it the cropped image.

Pretty sharp, eh?

All of the above images were shot at f/4.5 because I need to be able to capture the entire plane in focus.  I also widened my focus area so that as long as I aimed in the general direction of one of the planes, that plane would be in focus.

Here's one more image just for fun.

Perhaps Captain Jack Sparrow is on that boat?