The Silent Film Star

Here's another photo from the Old Hollywood Glamour set at the Blast From The Past Meetup I attended.  It was set up by Rudy D. Vila, who was also responsible for the set of the "Siren of the Silver Screen" blog entry from a few weeks ago.  Except...

Well, there's something different about this one.  Yes, it matches many of the photos I studied regarding silent film stars, but...

This was shot with all natural light!

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/1.2   1/80sec

At the time, someone else was using Rudy's remote triggers and so our model, Meg, was there by herself, waiting for a photographer to photograph her, hopefully with the lighting setup.  But I trust my Fuji camera, and so when I saw exactly how the natural light was falling across Meg and the rest of the set, I knew I had a decent shot.  So I went for it, trusting what the camera would be able to capture and what I might be able to do in post processing.

It turned out better than I expected!