MGWalk San Francisco 2017

Sometimes you need to do something familiar in order to get over grief.

It was this time last year that my mother had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer and my world changed, went into a tailspin that I didn't think I'd recover from.  Despite her diagnosis, I'd gone to the MGWalk 2016 to photograph that event because I'd made a promise.  It was a stormy day and I ended up with a damaged camera due to the rain.  You can see the photos in this Flickr Album.

This year, I went back with a fully repaired camera, though still irked that Fuji made me pay for the repair, and I photographed this year's event.  It was good seeing familiar faces and also being recognized by some of them too.

Most of all, it's a reminder that we all have our struggles.  Just like I lost my mother to cancer, many people at the MGWalk have lost a family member to myasthenia gravis, a debilitating neurological disease that still has no cure, nor is the cause known.  There's strength when we come together for a common cause, and this unity is even stronger when many are gathered, not for themselves, but for the sake of others who are suffering.

Click on the photo below to view the highlights of the event.  And remember too, that we all have our struggles.  You are not alone.