On the Run: Lost Lagoon

I usually run around Stanley Park whenever I'm in the Vancouver area, but this time around it was rainy and wet and I was cold and so I took a detour through Stanley Park and somehow found myself on the other side of Lost Lagoon.  Normally, I'm on the south side, but this time around I ended up on the north side.  

Now, being as cold as it was, all I wanted to do was get back to the car and head for the nearest Starbuck's for a cup of warm java.  But as I was running, I saw the buildings in the distance, and then the trees came into view.

And what a perfect frame the trees made!

I took the above photo with the Lightroom Mobile App.  There was some minor tweaking of the shadows because I didn't want it to look ominous, and I took the vibrancy up just a little bit to bring out the colors of the trees in the distance.

Doesn't it look like Christmas?