Trains in Japan

I took a trip to Japan recently, and while there were so so many things that stood out, the first thing I was struck with was just how many train stations, train lines, train tracks ... everywhere!  I mean, the trains are all over the place!  At least in the greater Tokyo metro area.  And being someone who used to be fascinated the model electric trains -- especially around Christmastime -- just being around them got me thinking about electric trains ... again!

This first shot was taken in one of the stations with my Fuji X-T2.  I made sure to get a little close to the moving train so that I could get it in motion.  I thought that the black and white conversion helped with the feel of the image.

These next two shots were taken while I was out on a run in the greater Tokyo area, and were shot with my iPhone using the Lightroom Mobile App.  It really really took a steady hand to get that motion blur while still keeping the other elements from blurring.  

From my archery days and learning to shoot a rifle, I remembered to hold my breath before pushing the shutter button on the iPhone and it seems to have worked!