On the Run: Serenity

It's been about one year since my mom died of anaplastic thyroid cancer -- which is the deadliest and most aggressive of the thyroid cancers-- and so I've been doing a lot of reflecting, and also grieving.  I shot this photo a few months ago during a rainy run around Rice Lake in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  It wasn't that cold, and I wished there was snow on the ground, but I missed the snow by just a few days.  I've run this course many times before, so I basically knew where this bench was, though instead of sitting down and resting, I snapped a photo with my iPhone and moved on.


However, the photo in the phone didn't really match the sadness I was feeling that day.  The loss.  Hence, the black and white conversion below.


Running has always been the thing that has brought me a little peace.  I do photography because it shifts my focus away from myself and towards other people.  Blending the two brings me a little balance.

Have a look at the photo.  Imagine yourself having a seat there and just listening to the calm lake waters.

Shot on an iPhone SE with the Lightroom App.