Can you really take a pic like this with an iPhone?

Admittedly, I'm one of those photographers who knows it's still a few more years before any type of smartphone camera will ever be able to catch up with a DSLR and the selection of lenses.  But I needed a decent way of taking pictures while on the run because as the trails got more technical during races, I didn't want to risk injury out there while balancing my X-T1 and hydration gear.  And, of course, if I took a tumble, my poor X-T1 would hit the ground...

Prior to buying my first DSLR, I used my iPhone 4s to take pics out on the trail.  It was pretty decent, though in high contrast situations, the photos would obviously turn out unusable.

In fact, the pics would look like the one below.

It's still a pretty good pic in its own right.  The high contrast and the glow of the sun in the distance are very pleasing.  The above was shot with my iPhone SE.

But what about the one below?

It's actually the exact same shot.  One photo, but the second one was enhanced.  I took the photo in the Lightroom Mobile App, which now shoots in RAW/DNG format.  It's amazing how much dynamic range the iPhone SE camera has.  I did the above enhancements in the app itself by taking up the shadows, temperature, and the vibrancy.

Will this ever replace my X-T1 or X-T2?  Probably not.  Nothing can yet match the depth of field of a really good and fast lens.  Even with the latest photography software algorithm of the iPhone 7s camera, there's still something pleasing about a natural depth of field versus something created via software.  But still, it's a great way to take photos on the run!