Kaycee June

A while back, I joined in on a Meetup Group photo shoot in Napa.  I'd never shot in Napa, much less spent time there.  It was here that I had to opportunity to work with Kaycee June, a model from the Sacramento area.  Marebeth Gromer was once again our organizer and stylist.

The first shot was just a simple background with trees and a small lagoon.  No speedlight involved, just natural light.

ISO 400   16-55mm lens at 55mm   f/2.8   1/280sec

Kaycee's flirtatious look above is just quite enticing.  Being an experience model, Kaycee just went into different poses as us photographers shot away.  There were about a dozen of us in all, taking photos.  Most had speedlights, but I didn't want to be encumbered with those things.  Just like a fellow photographer once told me, learn to shape the natural light first!

The next shot was again in the same location, but we had Kaycee lean against a tree with the lagoon in the background.  I wasn't too happy with the way the colors rendered.  And because of the way she was posing, I thought that a sepia conversion would and more of a story to the photo.

ISO 400   16-55mm lens at 55mm   f/4 1/150sec

Lost in thought, waxing meditatively on something.

This final shot is my all-time favorite.

ISO 200   16-55mm lens at 36.5mm   f/2.8   1/220sec

The pose, the look, she gives it an all-most fairy tale like appearance.  The only enhancement I did to this photo in Lightroom was an exposure and vibrancy increase.  I had to take the shutter speed up in order to freeze the movement without sacrificing ISO.  But with the dynamic range of the X-T1, I had no worries about not being able to increase the exposure high enough in post processing.

Gear used:  Fuji X-T1 with 16-55mm f/2.8 lens.