Spellbound - Tiana Hunter

I'd worked with Tiana Hunter before, last year when I had a Greek-themed shoot in mind at the Palace of Fine Arts.  So when the time came for yet another idea where I needed a model who could best bring that vision to life, I reached out to Tiana again.

After having visited the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve previously in order to scout out the location prior to doing a family photo shoot, I realized that the cypress trees provided an excellent backdrop for a shoot.

Tiana has the most stunning blue eyes I've ever seen, almost like blue quartz.  For the below shot, I wanted to get some close-ups in order to highlight her eyes.

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/1.2   1/1000sec

I used the 56mm Fuji lens, which has an equivalent field of view of an 85mm lens on a full frame.  Shooting wide open at f/1.2, I was able to achieve that dreamy feel that I was after.  She looks lost in thought, perhaps admiring something from afar.

For the next shot again, I wanted to highlight her eyes.  The advantage of working with a pro-model like Tiana is that she's a veteran at posing and being engaging with her eyes.

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/1.2   1/1000sec

Her eyes, looking right through the lens, almost draw you in.

The next shot shows the full extent of the cypress trees and why this area is an attraction for some.  The trees form a tunnel that runs for several hundred yards.  Tiana's pose in the next shot is quite graceful amongst the stagmite-looking branches of the cypress trees.

ISO 200   35mm lens   f/1.4   1/500sec

Her pose and angle of her body complement the angles of the trees themselves.  Amazing that Tiana was able to hold that position for about ten seconds while I focused and fired several shots.

The beauty of these trees though is also that with just some minor adjustments, the scene can go from light and fanciful to ominous...

ISO 200   50-140mm lens at 140mm   f/4   1/1000sec

For the above shot, I had Tiana walk a little ways up a hill.  I wanted some really bright backlighting behind her, and trees framing her, but also wanted the ground she was standing on to be devoid of any bushes or flowers.  An almost desolate look, as if she drew upon some powers to make the ground bare.  The above photo was inspired by the first two or three seconds of the opening titles for the TV show "Sleepy Hollow".

Gear used:  Fuji X-T2 with 35mm f/1.4 lens, 56mm f/1.2 lens, and the 50-140mm f/2.8 lens.