In Memoriam

I recently lost my mom to cancer.  She fought a brave fight against it, but her form of cancer is considered incurable and she finally succumbed to the disease not too long ago.  In between all of the busyness of preparing for her memorial service, I stumbled upon this photo.

I remember taking this photo in July 2015 when we visited Fort Vancouver, just across the river from Portland, Oregon.  It was kinda empty while were there that morning.  I saw my mom walking through this portal of green and snapped the picture.

When I stumbled upon it a few days ago, the photo spoke to me so much about the end of her journey in this life.  I took up the exposure of the photo to make it look like she was walking straight into Heaven.  I know my mom is in Heaven now because she professed that Jesus was her Lord and Healer, so I know that I will see her some day, but not yet.

I miss you mom!