Noel Benkman at the Cadillac Hotel

Two weeks after I took photos of Rebecca Roudman and Noel Benkman at the Cadillac Hotel, I returned to the hotel for Noel Benkman's solo piano concert.  Having just photographed Noel performing afford me some opportunities to get some nice close-up shots, and to try to capture some images that I wasn't able to during the previous concert.

I'm a huge fan of leading lines because when used properly they draw your attention to the subject, and by doing, help move a story along. 

ISO 800   35mm lens   f/1.4   1/200sec

In the case of the above shot, the leading lines start our tale of the pianist. 

What I could have done better though is to have lined up the leading lines of the mailboxes so that at least one line is perfectly horizontal. However overall, the lines still lead our attention to the pianist in the background. 

It was another great performance by Noel.  I'll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

ISO 640   35mm   f/1.4   1/60sec

Still trying to capture the hands!

ISO 800   90mm lens   f/2   1/200sec

I thought this next one provided a unique perspective and went for it. 

ISO 800   90mm lens   f/2    1/125sec

ISO 800   90mm   f/2   1/125sec

ISO 800   35mm   f/1.4   1/125sec

Check out Noel's website if you want to learn more about him.

Gear used: Fuji X-T2 with 35mm, 56mm, and 90mm lenses.