Downtown Vancouver at Sunrise

Sometimes you just have one of those days where you snap a picture that convinces you that you actually know what you're doing.  At least for that moment in time.

Here I was, going for a run along the seawall at Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C.  It was fairly early in the morning, about 8am or so, but being so far north, the sun was pretty high in the sky.  And the summer weather was starting to settle in as well, so it was warm.  About 4.5 miles into my run, I saw this great view of downtown Vancouver.  It was perfectly framed by trees and the bench.  These days, I don't run with my XT-2 or XT-1, so all I had was my handy-dandy iPhone SE.  So I snapped the below photo and ... voila!

ISO 25   4.5mm focal length   f/2.2   1/1250sec

I've included the settings above, but since I was using the Lightroom Mobile App, the settings were determined by the software.  Still, the shot was pretty decent!  Not bad for lacking sleep due to allergies!

I'm continually impressed by the Lightroom Mobile App.  The photos that it's able to capture are just stunning!  I did make minor enhancements on the photo using the app:  Temperature increase and Vibrancy increase because I wanted it to really feel like sunrise and also wanted the greenery to pop out.  I normally run with amber tinted sunglasses, so this is how things looked through the sunglasses, so I wanted the same effect with the photo.

More running pics, model pics, and musician pics coming up over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!