On the Ride - Lake Langunitas

I know that normally this has to do with photos on the run, but this time around it's about cycling.  I took an Introduction to Mountain Biking class through REI.  It was held at Lake Langunitas, which is on the north side of Mount Tamalpias in Fairfax, California.  I had never ridden a mountain bike before so this was a very unique and interesting experience.  After our REI instructors introduced us to the mountain bikes and gave us a basic instructions on braking and shifting and steering -- plus a few lessons on being able to maneuver the bikes on various terrain -- we headed out on our ride and I snapped at the following photo:

I would have snapped more photos but I was having too much fun riding the trails.

Due to weight limitations on the bike, I had to rely on my iPhone SE and the Lightroom app.  For the most part, it worked out well.  There's still no way to control and of the camera settings, but on future excursions, I plan on using the Camera+ app, which now shoots in RAW DNG, and import those images into the Lightroom app for editing.

This summer is going to be a summer of REI adventures. Will it change the fact that this website and blog is Photos On The Run?  Definitely not!  But I plan to document some of the rides and the runs and other outings with REI while using various equipment and apps.

REI has a lot of great outdoor classes throughout the year, and they're not that expensive.  Check them out!