On the Ride - Golden Gate Bridge Cycling Tour

REI's classes never fail to impress me.  It's not just the locations, but the quality of instruction for each class.  REI's instructors love what they do and many of them have other jobs and teach for REI on the side.

This particular class was more of an urban cycling course.  I must admit a certain fear of urban cycling.  Being a runner, the thought of being on the street anywhere near a car is frightening.  Basically, I worry about getting hit.  And I've been in enough situations where a driver is not looking while making a turn and had I not been paying attention, my next stop would have been the hospital.  This class, though guided and with several fellow classmates, got me comfortable enough to at least ride on the streets in designated bike paths/lanes.

Here's our route.

I'm not sure why the photos are showing in the bay itself.  I used the Lightroom App to take pics and it doesn't seem to always get the GPS coordinates correct.

One of our first stops along the way was the home of Lucas Films.  Loved this statue of Yoda!

And here are the rest of the photos.  Enjoy!

Vista Point at the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cycling corral of sorts on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Taken from the Warming Hut on the way back to our start location.

Check out REI's website for classes in your area.  They're well worth it!