Captured Memories - Solitude After The Race

A solitary runner sits on a rock.  Resting.  Contemplating.  The heat bears down on him.  He holds his finishers medal in his hands.  The agony of the race, was it worth it?

I shot the above image last year at Brazen Racing's Tarantula Run.  The previous year I had done the half marathon, and it was brutal!  The year this photo was taken, I did the 10k, which was hard enough in the heat.  Some time after I had crossed the finish line, and after I'd grabbed my camera to take some post-race shots, I saw this gentleman sitting on a rock.  I couldn't tell which distance he ran, but the look of exhaustion tells me it was the half marathon.  I snapped this shot as quickly as I could.  This image captures exactly what it was like to run such a long distance, climb up towards the sky, and have the sun beat down on you.

Though like most half marathoners, including myself, I'm sure this guy rested a bit, then went home and planned for his next race.