Captured Memories - Serenity Before the Race

Brazen Racing's Bad Bass Half Marathon is my anniversary race with the organization.  I will admit being a basket case a day or two before any half marathons because -- well, it's just me.  But upon arriving at Lake Chabot on that early Saturday morning, there was frost on the ground still at 6am -- frost in the summer!?! -- and hardly any people there, save for the Brazen Racing crew setting up.

As I walked toward the start / finish area with my camera, I was treated to an amazing sight.

ISO 200    16-55 lens @ 47mm   f/2.8   1/100sec

In the peace and serenity of the mist-covered lake, two fisherman stood patiently.  The image above was cropped quite a bit because my lens didn't have the reach, but the sensor of the Fuji X-T2 helped bring me in a little closer.

The above sight helped calm me down so that I could face the heat and the hills and the distance of the upcoming race.