Captured Memories - Summer Breeze

Sometimes at a race, you'll get just one image that really strikes you to the core, but when I photographed Brazen Racing's Summer Breeze race, three such images popped out.

The first image was in the early morning, just before the start of the half marathon.  It was about 15 minutes before race start and the half marathoners were slowing working their way towards the starting corral.  Some were jittery, some were calm.  We all have our rituals -- myself included -- when it comes to races.  As I worked my way to the starting arch, I looked to the west, towards the bay, and noticed a lone runner sitting on a bench, contemplating.  I watched her for about a minute and noticed that she was still, lost in her own thoughts.  With the bay and the people in the background, it made such powerful image.  A moment of solitude before the madness of the race began.

ISO 400   50-140 lens @ 140mm   f/2.8   1/220sec

As is always the case, as the runners are lining up before the start of the pre-race briefing, I like to mingle amongst them and take their photos.  This was during the pre-race briefing for the 5K.  I came across these young ladies in their tutus.  But it was the comradrie of that single moment that struck me the most.

ISO 200   50-140mm lens @ 51.6mm   f/2.8   1/400sec

The most powerful image that day was this brotherly embrace.  Two brothers.  One running the 5K and the other dashing to give the older brother a hug as he crossed the finish line.  It was a touching moment.  A victorious moment for the older brother and a moment of pride for the younger one.  A moment of brotherhood captured in time.

ISO 200   50-140mm lens @140mm   f/2.8   1/600sec