I was going to use this space to write a blog about a musician, but some things just happen.  In this case, it was Gigi.  And I'm smitten.

Gigi appeared out of the blue as I had wrapped up a morning of shooting, and she just captured my heart.  If cancer hadn't taken my mom away recently, I'm sure mom would have been excited to hear the name, "Gigi".  My mom probably would have thought, "Wow, finally!  A nice young lady has taken my son's mind off of his running obsession, and martial art sword-slinging obsession, and photography obsession, and sci-fi/fantasy obsession. Don't let her get away! You need to start your own litter of puppies!"

Well, I am smitten; I must admit.  But mom would have been a wee bit disappointed.  Because while Gigi might like to run, I don't think she'd want to run very far.  And her petite stature would make it difficult for her to wield any of my martial arts swords.  I've a feeling Gigi would probably only increase my photography obsession.  And I really don't think Gigi has any concept of lightsabers and hobbits and TARDISs.

Meet Gigi!

ISO 200   56mm lens   f/1.2   1/950sec

Isn't she adorable?

I just happened to have my Fuji 56mm prime lens on my X-T2 when Gigi came through the door of Pilates ProWorks in Burlingame with her owner.  The 56mm is my favorite portrait lens because at wide open, the depth of field is amazing, and its sharpness -- and the sharpness in general of all Fuji glass -- is stunning.

She has the look of love, don't you think?