Sunrise at Bay Breeze

Yet another detour this week...

On Saturday I ran Brazen Racing's Bay Breeze Half Marathon at San Leandro Marina.  If you're running the half marathon, you basically start at San Leandro Marina and run along the Bay Trail until you reach the San Mateo Bridge, then turn around and head back.  I hadn't run the half marathon at this course in a while, so it was nice to be back at it.

I took the below shot with my iPhone SE using the Lightroom Mobile App.

What's amazing isn't just the shot itself, but also the automatic enhancements that you can do in the app.  I pushed one button and the software did an auto enhance.  It took up the shadows and vibrancy.  I added the temperature increase to duplicate what the morning sunrise looked like.  I couldn't believe it when I saw the intelligence auto enhance.  Somehow it knew how to enhance the shot in a pleasing way.  Of course, there's the lens flare again in the shot.  One of the hazards of using a smartphone.