Coelho & Ridnell at the Cadillac Hotel

Chico Coelho and Dave Ridnell... When they showed up to the Cadillac Hotel, along with Brian Byrnes, jazz and bosa nova music filled the air and whatever clouds may have been hanging over the rest of the Tenderloin on that day, at least in this hotel, it was all sunshine.

You know I like to start with a key photo, and in this case, here's a good intro.

ISO 800   56mm f/1.2 lens   f/1.2   1/125sec

The guitar belongs to Dave Ridnell, and you can see him in the below photo.  I just happened to be up on the second floor of the lobby and got this wonderful angle of him.  It gives just a hint of what he's doing.  Of course, if you just saw only this photo, you'd think he was on his own.

ISO 800   90mm f/2 lens   f/2.0   1/125sec

Ah, but now we see the rest of the band.  Chico and Dave on guitar, and Brian either on the harmonica or doing vocals.

ISO 640   56mm f/1.2 lens   f/1.2   1/125sec

And here's Dave Ridnell with a nice, reflective look.

ISO 800   90mm f/2 lens   f/2.0   1/125sec

I chose the black and white conversion for pretty much all of their shots (definitely all displayed here) because it seemed that my X-T2 was misbehaving as far as color temperature.  I couldn't figure out what was causing it.  It only happened that day and it hasn't happened again.  But somehow it was as if the temperature was too warm, turning skin tones into an odd orange tint.  It was the one and only time I've ever experienced it at the Cadillac Hotel.

Next we have the trio.  This is the only good photo I got of Chico.  When he sings, he really gets into it and moves, so for this shot I had the shutter speed high enough to freeze him in motion.

ISO 500   56mm f/1.2 lens   f/1.2   1/125sec

Next up is Brian.  At this point he was doing the vocals and I like this moment because, just like Dave and Chico, Brian was in the moment.

ISO 800   90mm f/2 lens   f/2.0   1/125sec

Here's the final shot of the trio.  You can see that they filled up the lobby with a lot of folks.

ISO 640   90mm f/2 lens   f/2.0   1/125sec

I wasn't able to stay long while photographing the band, but got some great shots.

Coelho and Ridnell, as of this writing, have released a new album and are currently in Brazil for a few weeks playing a bunch of gigs.  Check out their website to see where they're playing next!