Captured Memories - The High Five Before the Race

Just like the after-Father's Day blog post, this image was also taken at a small community 5K race that I photographed in March 2018.  If I could pick one image that represented the 5K race, this has to be it.

The photo is just a tad out of focus because the two ladies were in motion and also because my X-T2 cued in on their hands.  The depth of field was really shallow because I shot wide open at f/2.8.  But the sharpness, in this case doesn't matter, so much as the warm enthusiasm being exchanged between these two ladies, fellow runners. 

The above photo spoke to me because just before this race started, two runners were encouraging each other.  There was no talk about one besting the other on the course.  It was just pure, enthusiastic, honest encouragement.

A lot of folks think that racing is about getting out in front and crossing the finish line first, but it's not.  Having run one ultra marathon -- and as of this writing -- three marathons, and countless half marathons and shorter distances, it's not about finishing first.  It's just about finishing.  Yeah, there's a time limit, but every finisher is a winner.